Monday, May 25, 2015

Chicken 6 ways

How can you cook a chicken into 6+ different dishes?

I normally buy a whole chicken, which is cheaper than chicken parts. I cut it into pieces: breast, thighs, legs, wings, back and whatever is in the stomach cavity.

Chicken 6 Ways plus more
Photo above shows:

  1. I de-boned the thighs to go on the George Foreman's Grill
  2. I parted wing pieces for hot wings.
  3. I cut out breast meat from its cage, half for stir fry and half for roast.
  4. I boiled the drumsticks for Jambalaya.
  5. The rest of bones are in a big pot for chicken broth to season beans, greens etc.
  6. Oh. I smashed the cooked chicken liver for pâté or a treat for my cat.

Up next, my first jambalaya. Mmm... yummy.

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