Monday, March 14, 2022

Okinawan Sweet Potato Pie

Secret Revealed! This is one of our popular desserts in the holiday season.

5 cups mashed potatoes;
4 eggs; 2 cups sugar;
2 tsp vanilla extract;
Pinch of salt;
1 cup flavored Crisco (Vegetable Shortening);
2 cans evaporated milk;
3 unbaked pie crust.

Boil sweet potatoes until soft, peel and mash until no lumps.
Add remainder of ingredients, beat with beater until creamy. Pour into the pie shell.
Cover the edge of the crust with foil strips and not touch the filling.
Bake at 425° for 15 minutes; then, bake at 250° for 40-50 minutes. Test the doneness by sticking in a toothpick.

You can substitute evaporated milk for coconut milk

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